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10 R packages YOU wish they’d known about earlier.

Data Scientist, Drew Conway calls them “10 reasons to always start your analysis in R”.  They’re all very useful R packages that every data scientist/analytics should be aware of.


Note: You can find links to all of these packages and tips on how to use them at link below.

  1. sqldf (for selecting from data frames using SQL)
  2. forecast (for easy forecasting of time series)
  3. plyr (data aggregation)
  4. stringr (string manipulation)
  5. Database connection packages: RPostgreSQLRMYSQLRMongo,RODBCRSQLite
  6. lubridate (time and date manipulation)
  7. ggplot2 (data visulization)
  8. qcc (statistical quality control and QC charts)
  9. reshape2 (data restructuring)
  10. randomForest (random forest predictive models)

yhat blog10 R packages I wish I knew about earlier


60+ R resources to improve your data skills

August 7, 2013 11:55 AM ET
Computerworld – This list was originally published as part of theComputerworld Beginner’s Guide to R but has since been expanded to also include resources for advanced beginner and intermediate users. If you’re just starting out with R, I recommend first heading to the Beginner’s Guide.

These websitesvideosblogssocial media/communitiessoftware andbooks/ebooks can help you do more with R; my favorites are listed in bold.

Want to see a sortable list of resources by subject and type? Click Here –> Expand the chart below (click a second time to fold the chart up again).

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