Edu-Video| one-hour talk by one of the authors on Forecasting time series using R

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Here is a one-hour talk by one of the authors on Forecasting time series using R. The URL of the book mentioned at the end has changed to, the site Source

Time series course
These are the slides from a course on Time series forecasting using R. Each lecture lasted one hour.

Introduction to forecasting [Exercises]

The forecaster’s toolbox [Exercises]
Autocorrelation and seasonality [Exercises]
White noise and time series decomposition [Exercises]
Exponential smoothing methods [Exercises]
ETS models [Exercises]
Transformations and adjustments [Exercises]
Stationarity and differencing [Exercises]
Non-seasonal ARIMA models [Exercises]
Seasonal ARIMA models [Exercises]
Dynamic regression [Exercises]
Advanced methods
12 Using R   ………..   14 Reviews
Time Series with R

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