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Here is a one-hour talk by one of the authors on Forecasting time series using R. The URL of the book mentioned at the end has changed to www.otexts.org/fpp/, the site Source

Time series course
These are the slides from a course on Time series forecasting using R. Each lecture lasted one hour.

Introduction to forecasting [Exercises]

The forecaster’s toolbox [Exercises]
Autocorrelation and seasonality [Exercises]
White noise and time series decomposition [Exercises]
Exponential smoothing methods [Exercises]
ETS models [Exercises]
Transformations and adjustments [Exercises]
Stationarity and differencing [Exercises]
Non-seasonal ARIMA models [Exercises]
Seasonal ARIMA models [Exercises]
Dynamic regression [Exercises]
Advanced methods
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Time Series with R

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