The DATA SCIENCE REPORT, wants to get the word out on Big Data companies doing things that will impact us personally. In this SPOTLIGHT, we take a look at CollabRX (Symbol: CLRX).

NBC and recently profiled “up and comer” big data analytics firm CollabRx, which is mines large data sets and supplies actionable analytics in support of the development of better treatments, drugs, or better yet, cures to defeat cancer.

It recently had Forbes Magazine ask the question, can we now “kickstart” the fight against cancer the way entrepreneurs do in other categories?

Forbes’ writer Paul Howard:”Web-based tools and apps (e.g., from that can mine expert-curated molecular models of specific cancers (like melanoma) can guide treatment decisions (and feed those outcomes, good and bad, back into the research process). Cancer patients would benefit from research focused on their individual diseases — in real-time”


Launch Page with Video (embed not working) 

As Howard points out in his article, nothing would be cooler than a successful Kickstarter campaign to fight cancer. We know that investors in CollabRx are excited about the whole thing. Shares in the small company (CLRX) jumped 7 percent when the Forbes piece came out.

It’s a terrific idea, and (maybe) a new way to fight back against cancer

(Source –  Scott Budman @scottbudman

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