VIDEO | “Demystifying Big Data and Apache Spark” | SF Bay Area Hadoop Meetup

VIDEO | Mohammed Guller, Principal Architect at Glassbeam introductory talk for those who want to get into Big Data and learn about Spark, but don’t know where to start.

Spark is a fast easy-to-use general-purpose cluster computing framework for processing large datasets. It has become the most active open-source big data project. Read More

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HeadsUp! | “Intro to Data Science” |(Evening) 6 Wk Class | Metis | NYC | Starts April 19th!

Next Tuesday (April 19th), Metis’s 6 Week program “Intro to Data Science” begins. It runs Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm – 9:30pm in midtown NYC. I was at the Open House last week and will be attending.There are a couple of seats left. Love the lead instructor Sergey Fogelson. Read More

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VIDEO | Dr. Andy Feng, VP Architecture at Yahoo! | “Large-Scale Machine Learning” | 2016 CSL Student Conference

The University of Illinois’ Coordinated Science Laboratory had it student run conference last month. This video is Dr. Andy Feng – VP Architecture at Yahoo! He leads the architecture and design of big data and machine learning initiatives. “In this talk, we illustrate Yahoo use cases and datasets, and explain the evolution of big-data technology stack.” Watch Video

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Video | Spark Summit East 2016 | Day 2 – Keynotes

DAY 2 | Spark Summit East 2016 took place last month in NYC. Here is the Day 2 Keynotes video. It begins with Reynold Xin – Chief Architect at Databricks Presenting Real-Time and Spark
It is followed by two other, very good presentations titled – ‘”Leveraging Spark, AWS, And Graph Analytics to Better Protect Customers” and “Data Profiling and Pipeline Processing with Spark – A Journey”’ (58min). Enjoy! Read Article →