Edu-Videos | 100 Most Popular Machine Learning Talks at VideoLectures.Net

Machine learning is a subfield of computer science and artificial intelligence that deals with the construction and study of systems that can learn from data, rather than follow only explicitly programmed instructions (wikipedia).

If you are thinking of doing or becoming a Data Scientist or Advanced Analytics professional, you will absolutely need to master Machine Learning. These 100 Most Popular Talks on Machine Learning topics are a great resource to learn. Review List

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Most Popular | Best of the “Data Science Report” From Year One!

Hi All – The Data Science Report (“DSR”) is coming up on its One Year Anniversary, and I hope we’ve brought you helpful content related to your career in Data Science, Advanced Analytics and all things “Big Data”. With additional resources, you can expect more original content and more great job opportunities in this field.

Here are Top Ranked Articles, Edu-Videos and Books from the last 12 months. Listed in order of POPULARITY by the great people who visited this site. Read More

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POV: 2 Articles Discuss The Value of a Chief Analytics Officer

Here are 2 researched articles by Randy Bartlett on the value of the Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) role.

The first discusses the benefits of a CAO: “3 Good Reasons You Need a CAO”. He then invested about 50 hours interviewing people for a unique case study illustrating what happens when a corporation loses its CAO: “The Dissolution of an Analytics Team” Here they are…Read More

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SPOTLIGHT: NeuroLaunch – The worlds first Accelerator for Early Stage Neuroscience Startups.

Introducing NeuroLaunch, the first Accelerator Program for early stage start-ups related to neuroscience, is now accepting applications for its first cohort.

Starting in November 2014, up to 10 start-up teams in residence will undergo the 3-month NeuroLaunch accelerator in Atlanta, receive seed funding, and launch. Read More

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Webinar | Thurs Sept 4th “How is the Internet of Things Driving the Adoption of Apache Spark™?”

Watch Webinar on Thursday Sept 4th at 12:30pm EST – 45 mins. “How is the Internet of Things Driving the Adoption of Apache Spark™?”

WHY? Hear from Big Data experts on what is available in the industry today, what’s anticipated, and why they think SPARK is the next big thing for Big Data. What is SPARK? Why is it relevant? How does SPARK play into a more intelligent use of data? Read More

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Guide | How To Obtain an “Open Source” Masters in Data Science

A Masters in Data Science “Will Hunting Style”. More and more people are learning on-line via the flood of excellent “open source” resources of classes, ebooks, software, etc. Clare Corthell has created a website to allow anybody to take virtually the same curriculum offered for a Masters in Data Science for Free.

Will it be an official Masters? No. But an official Masters is not what is needed, it’s knowledge and experience working with the tools and techniques necessary to actually do Data Science. For some, this free curriculum will allow business-line leaders, Analysts and Programmers from other fields to fill in the education gaps and get better at their job, as well as, one step closer to being an actual Data Scientist. Read More

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Book | “Developing Analytic Talent: Becoming a Data Scientist” (By Vincent Granville)

Author and Data Scientist, Vincent Granville was rated a top 20 “big data” influencer according to Forbes and Co-founded Data Science Central. With 15 years of big data, predictive modeling, and business analytics experience, Granville is no stranger to data science.

In this one-of-a-kind guide, he provides insight into the essential data science skills, such as statistics and visualization techniques, and covers everything from analytical recipes and data science tricks to common job interview questions, sample resumes, and source code. Read More

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Edu-Video |Data Visualization Best Practices (20 Mins)

Watch Webcast (on-demand) | In an increasingly data-oriented business world, the correct use of data visualization techniques is becoming essential to business success, according to consultant William McKnight.

“Your data has a story to tell,” McKnight stated in which he provided tips on creating effective data visualizations that inform business users without confusing them. Watch Video

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